Accuracy, reliability & productivity

BorderWise is a technical library for customs brokers and other logistics professionals. It puts the information you need to make timely, informed decisions at your fingertips.

Expansive Collection
One Location

BorderWise gives you all the functionality of Tradefox, Digerati Inbound, and CargoWise One ediTariff, and adds enhancements that are not available on these legacy platforms.

Advanced Search

You can quickly determine the correct tariff classification, applicable duties and taxes, and identify other import and export border requirements to help you keep your company compliant and avoid costly penalties.

Automatic Updates

It provides real-time updates and alerts for legislation, publications, and notices from regulatory bodies including Dept. of Immigration and Border Protection, Dept. of Agriculture and Water Resources, and the Anti-Dumping Commission.

Key Features ediTariff
Digerati Desktop
Desktop & Web
Software Feature and Capabilities
Available online (Web) ✔ (Partial Only) Available
Available offline (Desktop) Available
Switch between Desk or web Available
Simplified and Advanced search Capabilities Available
Simple Unified User Interface Available
Full Access Library and customisable My Books Library Available
Comprehensive real time legislation updates & alerts Available
Table of Contents Navigator - Slide in Slide out / Hotkey Available
Global Reference Library & Resources
WCO Harmonized System Explanatory Notes Available
WCO Alphabetical Index Available
WCO Safe Package Available
Global Border Compliance Library across many countries
NZ 01-Dec-17
US 01-Dec-17
Canada 01-Dec-17
UK 01-Dec-17
EU 01-Dec-17
Phase 2 Countries: ZA, MX, NZ, SG 01-Feb-18
Phase 3 Countries: DE, IT, BR, TW, CN 01-Apr-18
Rest of World added progressively Progressive
Global Embargo and Sanctions lists (Countries/Corporations/People) 01-Feb-18
Global Dual Use Goods and Munitions lists 01-Dec-17
Denied Parties Screening/Parties of Interest 01-Feb-18
ITAR, EAR and related controls 01-Dec-17
Comprehensive Australian Reference Library & Resources
DIBP Practice Statements Available
DIBP Forms Available
DIBP Practice Statements & ICS Manuals Available
GST Exemption Codes Available
Comprehensive FTA Information Available
DAWR AEPCOMM resources and requirements Available
DAWR NCCC resources and requirements Available
DAWR Post Code search Available
Revoked TCOs Available
Daily updates from DIBP, DAWR, ADC Available
Daily update - Alerts to legislative changes Available
Detailed Export Control resources Available
AAT Topic Index and Cases - General/Recent cases 01-Dec-17
AAT Topic Index and Cases 01-Feb-18
Federal Court Topic Index and Cases 01-Feb-18
Australian Permit Issuing Authorities 01-Dec-17
ACN/DIBPN's Topic Index Available
AU & NZ Fact Sheets Available
Australian Treaties 01-Feb-18
Dual Use & Munitions Listing 01-Dec-17
DIBPN Policy and Practice Statements Available
GST Exemption & Codes Available
GST Food Guide Available
Free Trade Agreement Rules of Origin - Codes Matrix for ICS 01-Dec-17
Monitoring Audit Guideline - what to do 01-Dec-17
Other Government Agencies, Controlling or Permit Issuing Authority
Food Standards Australian New Zealand (FSANZ) Available
DIBP Incoterms 2010 notes & Reference Guide 01-Dec-17
ICS Manuals Available
Current DAWR Approved Arrangements Available
Khapra Beetle Countries List 01-Dec-17
GAS Countries list 01-Dec-17
GST Rulings import/exported goods/supplies to overseas agents 01-Feb-18
National TV & Computer Recycling Scheme Guide 01-Feb-18
Illegal Logging Guide 01-Feb-18
NICNAS 01-Feb-18
Therapeutic Goods Guide 01-Feb-18
Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) 01-Feb-18
NRISEE Guides 01-Feb-18
Green House Gas & Ozone Depleting Substances 01-Feb-18
Importing Motor Vehicles 01-Feb-18
Asbestos Guides 01-Feb-18

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BorderWise is built by WiseTech Global, an innovative, multi-award winning developer of cloud-based software solutions for the international and domestic logistics industries. Our leading product, CargoWise One, provides the most sophisticated, comprehensive, end-to-end logistics solution in the world, and BorderWise reflects our ongoing commitment to providing leading technology that improves your productivity.